Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to Donor Conception New York

Donor Conception New York is looking for members. It is looking for members that want to help create a new community here in the New York area where families can come together for support and for social gatherings.

The definition of community states that it is a group of people with a common background or shared interests. As a parent I am looking to meet other parents and donor conceived adults so that I can learn from others so that I can be a better parent to my own donor conceived children. As an advocate I constantly want to learn more and to be able to provide services to New York area families and donor conceived individuals.

If you are looking to simply join us simply as member of the community we hope to form or would like to be part of building that community please say hello. Please link through to the Yahoo group to formally join our new community.

Look for an article by me in a future issue of the American Fertility Association e-Connections newsletter about why I believe Donor Conception New York is worth trying to build. I have not submitted it yet but the AFA has indicated they are willing to help by publishing my appeal.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blue Button Campaign to Attract NYC Area Donor Conceived / Families

Yesterday I decided to start advertising on a few "parent" centered blogs and a few LGBT blogs / site to start getting the word out about building a donor conception community here in the NYC area. The above button is quite simple and hopefully it with a link to this blog site will start attracting interest in the idea of a new organization. I will also be starting a Facebook group as suggested to me by a member on this blog's companion Yahoo group.

What are your thoughts? Can you spread the word and post the blue button on your blog or site?