Saturday, January 20, 2007

New York Metro Parent - Discussion Board

Tonight I submitted a discussion board topic indicating I am looking for other NYC families who used donor conception to conceive their children. We'll see if anyone responds. The link is attached here.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Beginnings: Looking for Donor Conceived Children in NYC

Tonight starts my quest to find other children of any age in NYC who were conceived via donor conception. As the blog title sub-paragraph states the purpose of this blog is to broadly bring families created via donor conception together so we can on line and off share our experiences while providing the children, young adults and adults a local NYC community that they can connect in person on a periodic basis.

I am not a therapist, sociologist, psychiatrist or have any background other than being a parent to two young children conceived via DI. I am not looking to replicate the work of Wendy and Ryan Kramer at the Donor Sibling Registry. If anything I am looking to build on the kind of in person human interaction exemplified by the Donor Conception Network in the UK on a smaller scale right here in New York City.

My personal purpose is to create a local network my kids can tap into to find others like them locally they can turn to and know the kid in the next seat has a story much their own and that they should always feel proud of who they are even if that means there are unresolved questions.